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Everyone loves getting cashback on everyday purchases! If you’re a savvy shopper, you probably already have a great cash back credit card and use popular cashback shopping apps like Rakuten and Ibotta to save on everyday shopping.

But getting cashback on Amazon purchases is much harder. Although you can use the Amazon credit card for 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases, and you can find great offers on Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals, Amazon doesn’t offer traditional cashback through sites like Rakuten.

That’s where Rebaid comes in.

What is Rebaid and how does it work?

Rebaid is a platform where you can shop Amazon rebates to get up to 100% off specific products and deals.

You can find Rebaid’s latest rebates offers here.

New businesses selling on Amazon use Rebaid to help increase traffic to their Amazon listings, collect positive reviews, and make more sales. Because Amazon ranks products based on their popularity, a seller benefits from driving more traffic and sales to their listings.

These sellers offer step rebates to you (sometimes as much as 100%) and a small fee to Rebaid ($2.95 per rebate redemption) in order to drive traffic to their products on Amazon in hopes of receiving more reviews and ranking higher in Amazon search results.

You benefit from supporting these brands by getting products much cheaper. From décor and office supplies, to toys and games, to snacks and supplements, you can find a plethora of products available for free or a steep discount through Rebaid.

How Rebaid works for shoppers

According to the Rebaid website, here’s how shopping on Rebaid works.

Step 1: Redeem a Rebate Promotion

Find an available promotion that you’re interested in and click the Redeem Offer button. You’ll be prompted to enter your preferred rebate method, check or direct deposit and the associated payment information. Then click next and buy now to be directed to the marketplace to purchase the product. Note Rebaid supports promotions for products listed on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy and independent websites. The particular marketplace for any particular promotion is listed on the top of the promotion detail page.

Step 2: Confirm Your Purchase

After completing your purchase on the marketplace, copy your order number and return to Rebaid. A box will display on your homepage where you paste your order number, then click submit. That’s it! Your rebate is confirmed and scheduled for payment. You do not need to leave a review or do anything else. Just make sure you do not cancel or return your order which would invalidate your rebate. (See FAQ for more information on returns).

Step 3: Your Rebate Payment is Sent

As soon as your rebate payment is sent you’ll receive a payment notification. Mailed check rebates typically arrive within 7-10 days after being sent. Direct deposit rebate payments typically post to your account within 48 business hours after being initiated.

New – Discount Code Promotions

Rebaid now supports discount code promotions! With this promotion type a discount code will be displayed on the Rebaid product page. Simply click on the code to copy it, then click the Buy Now button. You will be directed to the product page on the marketplace where the product is listed for sale. Simply purchase the product and enter the discount code at checkout for instant savings!

Is Rebaid Legit? Can I actually get cashback from Amazon purchases?

Yes! Rebaid is totally legitimate with many people receiving cashback rebates from their Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Etsy purchases. As long as you follow the appropriate steps to claim the deal on Rebaid, and then make the purchase on Amazon or the respective website, you will receive a check shortly after confirming your purchase.

The only challenge you may face is the limited number of offers available for each deal. If you don’t claim an offer early enough you may miss out on that opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Rebaid and start getting deals worth up to 100% off on Amazon!

Jump on over to Rebaid to start discovering and claiming rebates for dozens of new products every day.

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