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Mannafy will be an app where you can discover and win what's trending by swiping through products and entering giveaways for the ones you like.

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Everyone loves giveaways! It's exciting to find and enter sweepstakes for products and services you find interesting. But most giveaways require you to submit an email address or follow someone on social media—which quickly gets annoying!

Mannafy solves that problem by allowing you to swipe through products, enter giveaways for ones you like or finding promotions, and the ability to communicate with the brand sponsoring the giveaway exclusively through the app. Don't want to see certain products? Filter out what you don't want to see so you can enjoy what you do want to see. No more junk email or crowded social media feeds.

Businesses love Mannafy too! Giveaways are an inexpensive and fun way to build awareness and gain exposure to potential customers. And when a business partners with Mannafy, they gain access to our growing audience without having to pay ridiculous advertising fees. Of course, this means more money to run more giveaways—a win for everyone.

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We Keep It Simple

Our beta app will be simple and easy to use. Just swipe to enter or skip each giveaway, then keep an eye on the notifications to see what you win!

“I won $12,000 from a giveaway by one of the founder's previous projects and am excited for this opportunity to win more!”
“We partnered with Mannafy founders to launch our giveaway and gained 65,000 additional subscribers in 3 months.”
“I'm always looking for great businesses run by great people, and the Mannafy team is unbelievable!”

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