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Enter to win a luxury getaway to Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico Luxury Getaway

Value: $1,600

Enter for a chance to win 5-days/4-nights at the Elements Tulum Boutique Hotel, a 4-star hotel in Tulum City Center* as well as $800 towards travel expenses.

Ends July 21

Enter to win a trip to Istanbul for 2

Magical Trip To Istanbul For Two

Value: $799

Enter for a chance to win 3-nights in a deluxe hotel in Istanbul for 2 people; daily breakfast; arrival and departure airport transfers, and Istanbul City Tour. Good luck!

Ends July 6

Enter to win a summertime happiness bundle

Summertime Happiness Bundle

Value: $1,600

$200 in Koa products | $150 Gift Card to | $250 Gift Card to the Beachwaver Co. | $250 MicrobiomePlus+ Gift Basket | Plus a bunch more!

Ends July 20

Enter to win a backyard BBQ essentials bundle

Backyard BBQ Essentials

Value: $1,500

Make this a summer to remember by entering for a chance to win an $800 Home Depot Gift Card, 2 Italian gift packages ($260 value), and a $200 Visa gift card from YourTango.

Ends July 5

Enter to win a summer fun in Florida giveaway

Summer Fun in Florida

Value: $2,330

Win a 3 Night Florida Retreat & $1500+ worth of summer essentials to feel good inside and out of your body this summer! Learn more about whats included on the entry page.

Ends July 16

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Enter to win a "Slumber" Box

“Slumber” Box

Brand: TheraBox | Value: $200.00+

Your Slumber Box is like a best friend who knows just what you need to relax and recharge. It’s packed with over $200 worth of goodies that will make you feel amazing! It’s okay to indulge every once in a while.

Ends June 27

Enter to win a Shine Diffuser Bracelet

Shine Diffuser Bracelet

Brand: Moxie Malas | Value: $44.00

Enter to win this Shine Diffuser Bracelet – stand present and powerful – let your light Shine! When we step into our power and into the present moment we are able to show up with authenticity, compassion and truth.

Ends June 27

Enter to win this sweatshirt

BONELESS Sweatshirt

Brand: PROJECTISR | Value: $109.00

Looking for a high-quality sweatshirt? Look no further than BONELESS. Our high-collar classic sweatshirt is perfect for streetwear lovers who demand the best. Made with premium 100% cotton, this sweatshirt is designed to last.

Ends June 27

New Giveaways

Enter to win a $100 gift card from Wisp

Gift Card for Medicine

Value: $100.00

Wisp is healthcare on your terms—get treatment from our doctors to your doorstep.
We’re here to make sexual healthcare inclusive, cost-effective, and accessible—for everyone.
We’re reinventing healthcare to simplify access to treatment and care for all.

Ends July 25

Enter to win a bamboo blanket

Bamboo Blanket

Value: $29.00

Made from 100% viscose from bamboo, making them cozy yet breathable
· Luxuriously soft, light and airy
· The perfect gift for a baby that you adore
· Perfect for cuddling, swaddling, and playful moment. Enter for a chance to win!

Ends July 25

Enter to win an LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

Value: $34.00

Enter to win either a Gege Dinosaur Magna Doodle Board or a Nene Unicorn Magnetic Doodle Board from Cheerfun.
The LCD writing tablet provides 10″ space for kids to write and draw. Also, It can power creativity by freely expressing their imagination through drawings and doodles.

Ends July 25

Enter to win a $100 baby bedding gift card

Baby Bedding Gift Card

Value: $100.00

Kadolis creates its collections based on noble and natural materials, the most suitable for a better sleep. Kadolis refuses all chemical treatments supposed to improve the products. Kadolis manufactures all its products in France, Spain and Portugal. Enter to win and good luck!

Ends July 25

Enter to win

Isla Baby Carrier

Brand: LoveHeld | Value: $84.00

Isla is a stunning hot pink, designed and woven exclusively by LoveHeld, softened to supersoft perfection by humbled hands to serve your families as soon as it arrives home! Crafted from a single layer of Oeko-Tex certified linen, uniquely woven with an added support weave making this Signature Supersoft even more supportive and comfortable for you and your little love.

Ends July 22

Enter to win a Stress Relief Supplement

Stress Relief Supplement

Brand: Real Vitamins | Value: $23.99

Lower your daily stress and anxiety levels with no side effects or grogginess. A science-backed formula, developed by doctors, featuring Magnesium Glycinate, L-theanine, GABA & Vitamin B6.*

• Builds resilience to stress & anxiety*

Ends June 30

Ongoing Giveaways

Enter to win this bikini

High Waist Bikini Set

Brand: Popvil | Value: $27.99

This bikini is perfect for showing off your curves! The high waistband helps to contour and flatter your figure, while the cut-out detail adds a touch of sexiness. The shoulder straps are also removable, so you can customize your look however you like.

Ends June 30

Enter to win this lash kit

Deluxe Starter/Travel Kit

Brand: Lilac St. | Value: $65.00

Everything you need for the full Lilac Lash Experience. Includes a customized selection of lashes, a glue of your choice, and our must-have accessories. A $102 value of products when sold separately! Includes our most popular accessories: Primer, Crystal Coat, Ciao for Now Lash Remover, Travel Case, and Applicator

Ends June 30

Enter to win this giveaway

Art Print (8in x 12in)

Value: $50.00

Enter to win the fine art print of your choice from Deecor. It’s designed and printed in the USA with fade resistant archival inks and is a great way to support a small Black Owned Business. The print is 8inx12in and made on high-quality paper. Add a unique accent piece to any room!

Ends July 4

Enter to win this giveaway

T-Shirt of Your Choice

Value: $40.00

High-definition hand-pressed printing covers the entire front and back! We use a special heat-dye application that resists fading and bleeds. Each fabric panel is printed, with the graphics before being cut and hand sewn to ensure the design is flawless and the construction is perfect.

Ends July 4

Enter to win this giveaway

Premium Hoodie

Value: $65.00

Our Premium Christian Hoodies are each hand stitched to ensure quality and made from Ethically Sourced Material. As a faith based clothing brand we understand we have to be good stewards over the earth we are inhabiting. Certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® An ECO PASSPORT certified.

Ends July 4

Enter to win this giveaway

Boxwood Panel

Value: $64.99

The artificial boxwood panel is built with lightweight and high-density polyethylene, featuring low maintenance and weather resistance. The solid material has an excellent and vivid appearance, perfect for your daily decoration. Extra 100 zip ties and 4 bunches of artificial flowers are provided.

Ends July 4

Enter to win

3 Months Self Recovery

Value: $300.00

Rehab is broken. Discover a better way. It’s confusing when you don’t understand why you can’t stop. Join the global movement that empowers you to finally solve your addiction puzzle. Enter to win a chance to turn your life around.

Ends July 8

Enter to win a restorative serum duo

Restorative Serum Pack

Value: $130.00

Experience radiant, balanced skin with Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Serum and Rejuvenating Facial Fusion. Our Restorative Duo provides the nutrients and hydration skin needs to enhance its natural beauty and luminescence.

Ends July 8

Enter to win

Laundry Sheets

Value: $20.00

Planet A laundry detergent Eco-Strips were formulated for even the most sensitive skin. They are safe, gentle, paraben-free and vegan friendly. Planet A laundry sheets allow for 60 loads of laundry with zero waste and zero mess. 

Ends July 8

Enter to win

USB Charger Covers

Value: $40.00

Watch Your Mouth (WYM) is the first and only child-safe USB safety cover for the free end of your charger. When your USB charger is left plugged in to a power source, current continues to flow. Keep your kids safe. Enter to win!

Ends July 8

Enter to win

Treats/Food Bundle

Value: $196.00

Great Dog Bundle: Food + Supplement + Treats
Enter for a chance to win 1 x 5lb bag ($114.99 RRP) of our air dried dog food + 1 of our supplements (The One) $44.99 RRP + our treats variety pack RRP $35.97!

Ends July 11

Enter to win

The Moov Mini

Value: $15.00

The ultimate fidget fix is in the palm of your hands! This next-generation, take-anywhere, therapeutic toy was developed to reduce stress, beat boredom, banish brain fog, nix nerves, improve test scores of schoolchildren, and so much more!

Ends July 11

Enter to win

Digestive Bundle

Value: $110.46

TRUSTED PROBIOTIC AND PREBIOTIC COMBINATION Our well-researched formula is recommended by doctors for a reason. It’s among the few prebiotic and probiotic supplements clinically proven to support digestive health.

Ends July 11

Enter to win an Orange & Bergamot Candle

Orange & Berg Candle

Value: $24.00

Bright orange and bergamot scents are in the rich and smoke that emits from this candle. Both representative of the sun, happiness, and good health, these aromas inject optimism, energy, and well-being into an easy sunrise.

Ends July 11

Enter to win

Personalized Wellness Book

Value: $89.93

It is the first fully personalized wellness book in the world. It guarantees that anyone can achieve their health goals and bring back their confidence by following customized nutrition, fitness, and habit-building programs. Each copy of this book is unique and created according to the customer’s dietary preferences, lifestyle choices, and physical capabilities.

Ends July 15

Enter to win

Gift Card for Women’s Clothing

Value: $100.00

Davy Piper’s mission is to support women – and their girls 😉 – and as women, we understand the unique qualities that make women shine. We’ve been inspired by countless women in our lives. Women who have been leaders in their workplaces or communities. Women who have fought against hardships. Women who have overcome unimaginable losses.

Ends July 15

Enter to win Lala Vie Chiffon Cream

Lala Vie Chiffon Cream

Value: $85.00

Lala Vie Chiffon Cream is formulated with natural skin compatible ceramides and highly-penetrating nanocapsules, which delivers long-lasting moisture.

Ends July 18

Enter to win a Vegan Iconic Shopper Bag

Vegan Iconic Shopper Bag

Value: $28.00

Easy to pack and lightweight to carry — your shoulders will thank you. Perfect for picking up groceries, taking to the shops, or simply going about your day.

Ends July 18

Enter to win a Paper Floor Lamp

10-Inch Paper Floor Lamp

Value: $45.00

This white crepe paper floor lamp can work with any design that you have for bedrooms, living rooms, dorms or more. Distinctive and have a high-end designer feel

Ends July 18

Enter to win a $25 gift card

Home Goods Gift Card

Value: $25.00

We embody a creative spirit through quality designs that are stylish, functional, artfully detailed and on-trend that will inspire our customers to live life lushly.

Ends June 18

Enter to win a frozen desserts bundle

Frozen Desserts Bundle

Value: $120.00

Enter to win a 10-pack of cheese and lava cakes including raspberry, keylime, cookies & cream, New York and more flavors! These are non-GMO and kosher.

Ends July 18

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