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Swipe. Win. Repeat.

An easier way to enter giveaways.

Things you need to know.

More swipes = more entries

Once you swipe through all our giveaways, you will have the ability to start over and earn additional entries. Every swipe counts as 1 entry, the more you swipe, the better your chances of winning.

Find exclusive deals

Many brands we run giveaways with will also provide deals exclusive to mannafy users. It’s a great way to try to win something that you love for free, and if not you can git it for a discount!

Want to leave feedback?

There is a feedback button in-app for you to leave general comments, complaints, or questions you might have. Alternatively, feel free to contact us at


Giveaway merchants

Prize value

How is mannafy able to give away these prizes?

We partner with brands that are looking to share their amazing products with real people. Instead of running advertisements, brands look to us to grow visibility and excitement around their products. Plus in the end, those products land in the hands of an excited winner.

Do I have to pay to enter these giveaways?

Nope! It’s actually against the law to charge for entries. There are other large giveaway companies that get away with it by having payments labeled as “charity”. We don’t agree with those practices and offer our service free of charge.

What kind of prizes can I expect to win?

We work with all kinds of brands from home goods to snacks, grills, paddleboards and apparel. No, we don’t have million-dollar prizes, but we do have amazing products you might actually have a chance of winning. Check out our Winners Circle page to see the giveaways we’ve ran in the past.

We’re a small team.


We are a small startup team and appreciate all of you that have come to help us get this project off the ground.

Let’s help each other win!