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mannafy helps businesses gain exposure to future customers without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Gain access to tens of thousands of potential customers by offering a giveaway on mannafy. For a limited time, we're offering to run your first giveaway for free! Gain exposure to our fast-growing audience, just by offering a prize. 

Why giveaways? Because they work! Why spend your marketing budget on ads when you can use it to get your product into the hands of consumers? Each giveaway provides an opportunity to excite people about your product and drive sales by identifying users who have an interest in what you offer.

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How It Works

Provide a Prize

You provide a prize (worth at least $20) and give us enough information to create our giveaway description and images.

Gain Visibility for Your Product or Service

Your giveaway is visible to our entire user base as they swipe through items that interest them. You pay nothing extra per view.

Convert Winners and Losers

While your 30-day giveaway is live, we will have a link to your product easily accessible to all our users, right on your giveaway card. Include a promo code on our deals page to increase your conversions even more.

Prizes and Winnings

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