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What happens when a personal finance blogger puts up $12,000 for a “basic income” giveaway?

This is exactly what Rob wanted to find out in 2017. Fascinated by the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI), Rob decided to use money earned from his blog to offer one of his readers $1,000/month for 12 months. No strings attached.

The hope was for the increased publicity to pay for the giveaway. And it did! In fact, over the year-long giveaway Rob had 65,000 people participate – building up a significant audience and making enough money from advertising revenue to cover the cost of the giveaway.

During this time, a variety of brands and influencers began reaching out to Rob, asking how to run giveaways and sweepstakes of their own. Through consulting projects, partnerships, conversations, and a conference talk, Rob supported hundreds of brands in launching, running, and promoting giveaways successfully.

Through all of this, one thing Rob learned is people LOVE to win. And not only large lottery-sized jackpots. Even a small prize worth a few bucks can provide a dopamine rush to make someone’s day a little better.

But launching and promoting giveaways isn’t easy. You still need to find an audience and even the biggest prizes can cost thousands of dollars to promote effectively.

That’s how mannafy was born.

We’re Mannafy, a team of giveaway and sweepstakes enthusiasts who want to make entering giveaways easier for everyone. Our app is the easiest way to enter giveaways and sweepstakes, and we’re always adding new giveaways to make sure you can find the ones you want to enter.

We love giving away prizes, and we hope you’ll love entering our giveaways!