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The real fun of gift giving is seeing the joy that overwhelms someone’s face when they open that perfect gift.

But some gifts just aren’t that exciting! Someone may need new socks, but they probably won’t leap for joy when they open that present. So if you can’t offer “overwhelming joy” to the gift recipient, why not “startled surprise”?

Prank Pack is a brand that sells empty boxes with absurd looking products you can use to make those sweater, socks, and scientific calculator gifts look far more entertaining.

While these products don’t actually exist, you’ll wish some of them did — and you’re sure to get a laugh reading through these gag gift boxes!

1. The “visor-ganizer” for the friend in your life who thinks he’s the coolest

As the visorganizer describes itself: “Finally, an alternative to the embarrassing Fanny Pack!”. For that guy who’s just too cool for the everyday fanny pack, this is sure to be a gift box he’ll be ecstatic to open.

2. The perfect gift for the safety-first friends in your life

We all know someone (or many people) who prefer to play it safe. Life is too short and precious to risk putting yourself in harms way. For this cautious adventure seeker, what better gift than a bicycle seat belt to show you understand and appreciate their “safety first” approach to life?

3. The best gift for the kids of your safety-first friend

Show your friends that you really care about their kids with this great gift box for the My First Fire kit. According to many ancient legends, fire is what separates us from the animals — so learning how to build and manage fire is one of the most crucial parts of being human. So helping your friends kids learn how to start fires right at a young age seems to be the most responsible thing you could do.

4. The gift for whoever nags you to pick up the poo

If your spouse, parent, roommate, or neighbor is always asking you to pick up dog poop, why not give them an option to manage the situation themselves? The wonderful Hide-A-Poo box reveals that there’s more than one way to manage a mess. If this person finds poo in the yard so offensive, they can use these discrete fake rocks to cover the mess themselves. A subtle way to manage the this dirty business.

5. A wonderful office gift for the environmentally conscious

Caring for the environment is important. And as people begin to return to the office post COVID-19, what better time to give them Emma Dean’s Plant Urinal? Help your office plants “grow with your flow” and save money on expensive soil and fertilizer. This gift truly is a gamechanger.

6. Help a future mom build memories with the Birthie Stick

Everyone loves taking selfies these days — and we now have a way to bring this wonderful part of the 21st century into the hospital OB! Perfect for the woman who loves capturing every moment, the Birthie Stick makes it easy to document one of life’s most memorable moments — giving birth.

7. A wonderful gift to help new parents immortalize their earliest experiences with their child

If you’re getting gifts for a couple, what better way to compliment the Birthie Stick than with Baby’s First Diaper Keepsake Frame? Every parent talks about their baby’s first dodo, but few can actually whip it out and show you. With this gift, the proud parents will have this early memory to share for years to come — with family friends, dates, and grandkids.

8. The perfect gift for the (need to be) cleaner in your life

Do your kids hate cleaning? Or perhaps your neighbor loves cleaning? Either way, Tidy Tips offer a quick and easy way to clean all the cervices in your house — particularly those corners in your toilet bowl. Save hours of time trying to maneuver a large cleaner into tight spaces by just throwing on these lovely finger cleaners and allow yourself to really “get in there”.

9. The gift for family game night that will keep everyone hopping

Let’s face it, everyone says kids are getting whimpy these days. If you feel this way about your own kids (or kids you know), why not set them up with this fun and exciting game that will help them “toughen up”. We’ve all heard that it can be almost impossible to find a needle in a haystack. Turns out, it’s much easier to find Hay in a Needle Stack! It’s just a little more painful. Whip out the band aides and get ready for an evening of fun, joy, and tears.

10. The gift for the puzzler in your life

Do you know someone who LOVES puzzles (and you want them to stop)? This 12,000 piece jigsaw puzzle will do the trick. Sure, they may get the moon pieces figured out quickly, but the rest of that sky will keep them busy for a long time. In fact, use this to save yourself some money by telling the recipient that you won’t buy them another gift until they’ve finished this one! Double win.

11. Show the high-performer in your life that you support their ambition with this super-efficiency gift

This may just be the best gift you can give that hyper-driven person in your life who is always multi-tasking and trying to do everything at once. Allow them to take their cream with their conditioner with this 3-in-1 shower head, soap dispenser, and coffee maker! Cut their morning routine in half with this uber-efficient and thoughtful Bathe & Brew gift.

12. A truly personal gift for the person who has everything

We all have those people in our lives who are phenomenal at giving gifts yet impossible to get gifts for. Not any more. Everyone loves personal gifts, and there’s little as personal and intimate as an ear way candle kit. Make it together or use the kit in advance to create your own personalized gift. I guarantee you that this gift will be unforgettable.

13. The perfect gift for the frugal chef

I’m sure you know someone like Joey who never wants to waste food. Show them that you understand and respect their plight with this incredibly thoughtful gift! The Pasta Recycler lets you collect up that used pasta, dry it out, and save it for next time. Almost as good as new! What’s not to love?

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