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Promotional App Program Terms & Conditions

Here you’ll find all our active promotional programs as well as the rules associated with each.

Guaranteed T-Shirt Winner

Timeframe: Expires the end of June

In order to participate in this program, ensure you have the latest version of our app installed on your phone. If you already have the app, be sure you manually check to see if you are running the latest version.

Users must swipe through all giveaways 1,000 times by the end of June to be eligible to win. That means swiping through until you get to the “Enter Again” button is 1 time through the giveaway deck.

$5 for every 5 active referrals

Timeframe: Expires the end of June

To refer a friend, navigate to Home > Refer a Friend > Share to your desired location.

There is no cap to how many users you can refer. If you get 500 active referrals, that’s $500 for you!


• An active referral is defined by any user you refer who swipes through all active giveaways at least 100 times.

• In order to qualify, there is a minimum of 5 active referrals. Once you have reached the qualifying criteria, we will contact you to schedule your Paypal payment.

• Referred users must be U.S. residents.