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Finally! A deodorant that goes on clothes and not skin. SWIFF lasts for at least 5 washes and keeps you and your clothes odor-free.

Who wouldn’t love getting a free three-pack of SWIFF? There is plenty to share with your friends, family, pets or random strangers! They’ll love you for it.

A single bottle of this magic stuff can coat the armpits of up to 15 shirts! Holy cow, this means months or even years of odor protection from a single bottle! By ditching your current deodorant, you can stop rubbing nasty chemicals all over your pits and save hundreds of dollars each year!

SWIFF is amazing! It can be used on bathmats, towels, sofas, upholstery, grout, plushies, shoes, socks, jackets, yoga mats- and just about anything else!

Other benefits of SWIFF:

• Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free
• Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free
• Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
• Breathable and Colorless
• Free from Chemicals, PFAS, Parabens, and Propellants
• Free from Aluminum and Nanoparticles
• Pet-Safe and Kid-Safe
• Incredibly Long Lasting (5+ washes with test clothes lasting 50-60 machine washes)

1 bottle is 30 mL (15 mL of silver solution and 15 mL of gallnut extract)

DEAL: Use discount code LAUNCH20 for 20% off.

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