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What is it?

SHROOM®  is a proprietary blend of potent mushrooms designed to boost exercise volume, improve cognition and assist the body with aerobic performance.

What are the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms?

Boosted Exercise Performance

Cordyceps increase the production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in our body, which is in charge of delivering energy to the muscles, and improves the way your body uses oxygen, especially during exercise.

Potential Anti-Tumor Effects

Recent research has shown the potential of Cordyceps to slow the growth of tumors and interestingly across many types of human cancer cells, including skin, colon, lung, colon, and liver cancer.

Anti-Aging Properties

In Chinese Medicine, elderly people have traditionally used Cordyceps to help against fatigue and boost sex drive. Researchers today believe that the antioxidant content found in Cordyceps could explain the anti-aging properties.


Although inflammation is good in to have in our bodies, too much of it or chronic inflammation can lead to diseases including cancer Recent studies have shown that Cordyceps suppress special proteins that increase inflammation in the body hence regulating inflammation levels if dosed properly.


After taking Shroom daily for the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed I can remain mentally focused throughout my long 12 hour shifts at work compared to feeling fatigued and having “brain fog”.

– Reyna S.

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