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Got a cat or dog that likes to eat too much? Who could blame them? It’s up to you to keep the ruler of your home healthy. Enrich your pets life with a slow feeder!

Prize Details

Healthier Pet Slow Feeder: By making pet work for yummy kibble, the automatic pet feeder slows down the pet’s eating, preventing indigestion or choking while keeping the pet entertained. Simply load the feeder with your dog’s and cat’s favorite dry food and let him do the rest. 1.2L capacity is sure to satisfy most cats and small to medium dogs

  • Multifunctional Smart Pet Food Dispenser: Lets you entertain and exercise your pet while feeding him, keeping him mentally stimulated and physically fit. So you can have your peace of mind going out or attending to your own chores. It’s perfect for speed eaters, active pets who love to play, pets with separation anxiety or weight problems
  • Mess-free Dog Food Dispenser: No more kibble flying all over your home while entertaining your pet! This dry food dispenser will stay put in place with an anti-fall and anti-slip bottom. Just secure automatic dog feeder using the adhesive pads and/or suction cups on a smooth, hard, and dry surface
  • Easy to Fill & Clean: You won’t need to refill as frequently as with other small food dispensing toys. When it’s needed, simply lift the top lid and pour in dry food sized 2-15mm in diameter. Cleaning is just as easy by rinsing the feeder with water and scrubbing with the provided brush
  • Durable Material: Rest assured that your pet will be safe eating from this automatic dog feeder as it’s made of food-grade plastic, and the edges are all smooth and rounded so your precious fur baby won’t get hurt during


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