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Enter to win this Shine Diffuser Bracelet – stand present and powerful – let your light Shine! When we step into our power and into the present moment we are able to show up with authenticity, compassion and truth. When we let our own light shine we are showing others that they have permission to let their light shine too!

Calcite – self confidence and hope
Citrine – a crystal of abundance and power
Yellow Mookaite – brings you into the present moment, the here and now.
Gold – symbolizes purity and spiritual connection
Tiger Eye – Personal power and protection.
Garnet – Helps one to release old patterns and find their charisma again. Increases love, passion, devotion and understanding.
Mushroom Rhyolite – Creates a strong connection to oneself and increases self love. Helps also with relationships with others increasing love, acceptance and understanding. Opens the heart to the potential of oneself and those around you.
Rhodonite – a stone of inner growth. Calming stone, with energies used for easing anger, calming stress and anxiety. Brings emotional balance, and confidence in one’s life. Helps with forgiveness and releasing emotions from the past.

This bracelet includes 8mm beads in….
Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Yellow Mookaite, Gold Flake in glass, Tiger Eye, Garnet, Mushroom Rhyolite, and Rhodonite.

Lava stones allow this bracelet to be used as an essential oil diffuser. When using your oils please avoid pure lemon or myrrh. You only need a drop or two on the beads – avoid soaking the bracelet as it can weaken the elastic.

Note: Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing, not prescription or healthcare information.

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