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Welcome to the wildly whimsical world of the new Moov Mini, where the ultimate fidget fix is in the palm of your hands! This next-generation, take-anywhere, therapeutic toy was developed to reduce stress, beat boredom, banish brain fog, nix nerves, improve test scores of schoolchildren, and so much more! You’re seconds away from a calm, clear state of mind!

Here’s how to get started:

Place toy between your index finger and thumb.

• Gently press your index finger to rotate toy.
• Play the anxiety away all day!
• Each Moov Mini is constructed with these state-of-the art specifications:
• 5 degrees of functional rotation
• Angled design offers durable flexibility
• 360 degrees of rotation for limitless, satisfying movement
• Ergonomic design provides soft-touch finger pads for ultimate comfort and control

Choose the hue that’s right for you! Our colors are made-to-match those on the autism spectrum and have been proven to induce calm and comfort, while eliminating confusion, fidgeting, and frustration.

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