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How is Wisp different from a “normal” doctor?

Wisp is healthcare on your terms—get treatment from our doctors to your doorstep.
We’re here to make sexual healthcare inclusive, cost-effective, and accessible—for everyone.
We’re reinventing healthcare to simplify access to treatment and care for all.

It all started with free and discreet delivery

In 2018, we set out to provide a hassle-free alternative to urgent care that replaced all the unpleasant aspects of going to a doctor with private online consults and discreet meds delivered to your door.

Care today, for a better tomorrow

We’re expanding the scope of online care for common reproductive infections, STIs, and contraception to make treatment available to everyone who needs it. And with same-day consults, you can still get meds delivered free, or pick them up same-day.

Treatment on your terms

Whether you need a quick prescription or a trusted over-the-counter remedy, wisp connects you with real-time providers and guides to help you safely navigate your symptoms and get back on track.

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