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Rehab is broken.

Discover a better way.

It’s confusing when you don’t understand why you can’t stop. Join the global movement that empowers you to finally solve your addiction puzzle.

Even if you can afford the cost and time away from work and family, you’re likely to find yourself in a 12 Step program that’s outdated and doesn’t work.

These programs aren’t regulated, they micromanage your every move, publicly remind you of your failures, kick you out if you slip up, and don’t look at the underlying issues. They treat everyone like a full blown, lifelong addict that needs to rely on treatment forever.

The Self Recovery Program guides you to understand what actually causes your addiction. You’ll finally take control and stop hurting yourself.

Here’s the truth you need to know: Addiction is what happens when we look outside of ourselves to relieve distress and control our emotional state.

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