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  • Easily Fill from the Front: The swing-out brew basket opens from the front quickly to fill coffee ground and is designed for easy cleaning rather than a top load basket. And beveled design control panel make it easy to use.
  • 24 Hours Programmable: Programmable clock set your brew time and strength in advance, ensuring that a fresh, hot cup of coffee is available when you wake up in the morning.
  • Keep Warm: The carafe plate keeps coffee warm for 2 hours and automatically shut off. You can drink a follow-up cup without having to brew it again.
  • Know When It’s Time To Clean: The coffee maker gives you cleaning reminders that the red CLEAN lights up to let you know when it’s time to run the self-cleaning cycle.
  • 12 Cups Large Capacity:Coffee machine with 63oz big capacity water reservoir, can brew cup 12 cups coffee at a time. Suitable for family daily use and entertaining guests.


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