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Order this service and mannafy will run a 30 day giveaway with your product – giving you access to over 6,000 subscribers and a social media audience of 80,000+. Upgrade to the unlimited plans to run multiple giveaways simultaneously.

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Managing a sweepstakes should be easy -- and with Mannafy, it is!

We launch and run your giveaway on our app, giving your product exposure to our 6k+ users and subscribers, in addition to announcing your giveaway across multiple social media accounts to another 80,000+ followers. Save up to 20 hours and $200 per month by having us manage your sweepstakes.

All we need from you is the prize you're giving away and the link you want shared. Optionally, you can provide us with a discount code for your product to send to our audience after the giveaway ends.

Here's how partnering on a giveaway with mannafy works:

  1. You provide a prize for the giveaway
  2. We creating the promotional material and launch the giveaway on our app
  3. At the end of the giveaway we send you the winner's details and offer an optional coupon code to everyone else who entered the giveaway

What do you get working with mannafy? With this service you receive:

  1. Your product listed on our app as a giveaway for 30 days
  2. Two mentions in our email newsletter sent to our 6,000+ subscribers
  3. One shout out to our social media audience of 80,000+
  4. One additional entry option to follow one of your social media accounts
  5. A permanent link to your website from our "winner's circle" page
  6. The good vibes that come from making a random winner's day!

This is the easiest way to promote your product or shop. Give us a try -- we promise to impress you!

Unlimited Giveaway Options

Use the unlimited giveaway plans to offer multiple prizes simultaneously -- increasing your engagement visibility to additional products. The unlimited plan allows for any one company to offer as many giveaways as they would like to increase engagement (if you run an agency that supports multiple brands, contact us directly).

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Sponsored Giveaway Packages

Single Giveaway, 1 Month Unlimited Giveaways, 3 Months Unlimited Giveaways, 6 Months Unlimited Giveaways, 12 Months Unlimited Giveaways

Run a giveaway on mannafy

Mannafy helps businesses gain exposure to a new audience of thousands in a fun and affordable way — by running sweepstakes! Grow your social media following, increase visits to your site, and build awareness for your offerings by running a giveaway on Mannafy.

Why giveaways? Because they work! Each giveaway provides an opportunity to excite people about your product and drive sales by identifying users who have an interest in what you offer.

Excited users

Reach on social media

Happy Partners

How It Works

Provide a Prize

You provide a prize and give us enough information to create our giveaway description and images. We then create promotional material and launch the giveaway on our app.

Gain Visibility for Your Product or Service

Your giveaway is visible to our entire user base as they swipe through items that interest them. You pay nothing extra per view. We also share your giveaway around the web as part of our service.

*Note: We do not give you the email addresses of people who have entered as this help s us keep our users more active and engaged on the app. It also allows us to only send you subscribers who actually want your products.

Convert Winners and Losers

While your 30-day giveaway is live, we will have a link to your product easily accessible to all our users, right on your giveaway card. Include a promo code on our deals page to increase your conversions even more.

Prizes and Winnings

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