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The Coolest Shirt. Literally.

These collared shirts are the best clothing for hot weather.

We are using groundbreaking cooling innovation with brrr°’s Triple Chill Effect fabric.

brrr° fabric combines the power of cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying that work continuously to reduce skin temperature.

Through rigorous testing by leading global textile labs, brrr° has scientifically proven that it keeps you cooler than any other wicking fabric out there.

It’s a great golf polo or tennis shirt.

Suffer from hyperhidrosis? This is the cooling shirt for you. It will work with your body to continuously keep you fresh and comfortable.

TARGETED TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT: Permanently embedded cooling minerals provide immediate and continuous cooling effects that will never fade with washing.

ACTIVE WICKING: Moves moisture away from your skin faster than traditional wicking clothing for non stop continuous comfort. Proven to keep you cooler.

RAPID DRYING: Takes significantly less time to dry by rapidly releasing moisture into the air, continually delivering a fresh, crisp experience.

ADAPTIVE CLOTHING: We design with texture sensitive people to ensure everyone is comfortable – no tags and no annoying seams.

Fabric: 62% brrr° nylon, 32% polyester, 6% spandex

Machine Washable, Line Dry or Dry on Gentle

Made in Thailand

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