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Bundle includes

• All Day Moisturizer: (All Skin Types) – Hydrating Facial Lotion with Seaweed Extracts – 1.8 fl oz
• Daily Cleanser: Gentle Facial Cleanser with Chamomile & Hyaluronic Acid- 6.76 fl oz


All Day Moisturizer

An ultra-lightweight formula that disappears into the skin without heavy after-feel, supplying the skin with all-day moisture and hydration. Support the skin’s natural protective barrier with high levels of antioxidants and fatty acids to provide an extra level of moisture for the skin.

Long-lasting hydration is essential to keep the skin conditioned and prevent fine lines from appearing.

All Day Moisturizer helps to stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis to keep skin plump and improve skin hydration from within the skin layers. Citrus extracts and antioxidants protect and soothe the skin from irritation, pigmentation, and inflammation while balancing oil production and diminishing the appearance of acne and blemishes.

Spa Sciences All Day Moisturizer can be used day or night, helping to prevent and combat wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and scarring. The lightweight formula is perfect to wear alone or under your favorite makeup.

Daily Cleanser

A gentle cleanser for everyday use formulated to melt away dirt and impurities. Cleanse, balance, and hydrate with a soothing lather that will leave your skin soft and supple without over drying.

Daily Cleanser is the perfect first step in any skincare regimen to purify the skin without stripping. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin while effective enough to benefit the skin at all stages of life. Hyaluronic Acid helps your skin pull moisture from the water and lock it into the skin to achieve a plumper and more hydrated complexion.

Spa Sciences Daily Cleanser is the perfect cleanser to use with your NOVA Sonic Cleansing Brush.

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